Additional Added Value Services


"Make your car always brand new”.

Our Detailing service will bring your car back to showroom condition using high quality materials, advanced tools, and skilled and trained labor to clean and polish your vehicle inside out. "


"Protect your car from corrosion”.

Using anti-corrosion coating for chassis, and exhaust muffler, Rustproofing protects your car from corrosion resulting from humidity, salt, water, … etc. with 5 years warranty.


"Enjoy driving in the Heat”

Offering a wide range of engineered window films designed to fit your needs.

The new non-ceramic technology offers a high performing heating rejecting films with superb durability.

Paint Protection

Our Paint protection products are designed it withstand the harshest environmental and climate conditions. Your car will be protected against paint fading, acid rain, salt, and interior stains. Our paint protection service will make your car look new every day.

Smart Repair

"Repair your car the smart way

Using the newest technologies, techniques, tools, and materials to perform body repair. Our services include smart paint repair (scratch), dent repair, trim recoloring, leather repair, headlight restoration, … etc."

Service Contract Program

“Better saving, better resell value”

Customized service contracts coverage scheme for retail and fleet customers. As for post warranty customers we are offering Flexible Service Contracts to avail the contract at any mileage (beyond warranty period) with unlimited period.


Maintain your car at the best condition with the power chemistry combined with the potential of engine technology. Clean your engine, fuel system, injectors and A/C with our range of high quality engineered chemical products.