Auto Finance Support:

We can tailor make Purchase and Finance options to suit your budget ranging from:

  • Traditional Auto Financing
  • Finance Step-up EMI Program
  • Two and Three Lease to buy Finance solutions
  • No down payment Option
  • Deferred Payment
  • Rapid Turn Around Times
  • Easy Application
  • Dedicated Finance and Insurance Managers to clear you applications

Motor Insurance Services:

We can assist in proving Motor Insurance for the following:

  • New Vehicles
  • Pre-Owned Vehicles
  • Insurance Renewals
  • Other household vehicles


Automotive F & I Solutions

  • Multiple Products
  • Advanced Technology
  • A-Rated Security
  • Reputed Insurer
  • Best In Class Service
  • Approved Product
  • Bespoke Solutions


Tailor-made solutions to protect your financial well being.

ILOE (Involuntary Loss of Employment) Protection provides added comfort and security by reducing default costs that would otherwise affect your short and long-term financial stability. It allows you to continue pay your Finance EMI (Equal Monthly Instalment) in the absence of your job.

The ILOE protection coverage offered will pay 6% of your vehicle invoice amount in 4 equal monthly instalments if you purchased the vehicle for cash or if you purchased your car on finance, your finance provider, up to 4 monthly instalments on your auto loan. The product is exclusive to UAE residents only.

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SMART Insurance

Minor Dents , Light or Heavy Scratch Scuffed Bumper – We got you covered!

SMART coverage is created to protect and ensure that your vehicle stays looking new and its residual value will be protected. It covers minor damage repair like chips, dents, scratches and scuffs caused by everyday motoring.

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TYRE & ALLOY Insurance “Coming Soon”

Nothing is more frustrating than finding a flat tyre or curbed alloy wheel.

Tyre & Alloy Cover provides motorists with protection against damage to their tyres and alloy wheels. The growing complexity of modern car tyres means they are becoming increasingly expensive to replace, so tyre and alloy cover is becoming a valued product within the market.

Our tyre & alloy cover provides cover on all car tyres, including the spare. Coverage includes cost for any tyre replacements, including fitting, accidental damage and punctures.

Return to Invoice GAP Insurance Cover

Protect your investment.

If you become one of the unfortunate motorists to have their vehicle stolen where the vehicle is not recovered or become involved in an accident where the vehicle is beyond economical repair, then you could find yourself with a financial dilemma. Your motor insurance cover pays the depreciated value of your vehicle, which leaves you to find the shortfall between the amount the insurers pay out and the amount you originally paid for the vehicle.

Take advantage of the features and benefits of Return to Invoice GAP Insurance. We pay out the difference between what the Insurer gives you and price you originally paid for your vehicle.

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Extended Warranty

Protect yourself from unexpected expenses.

Extended Warranty is designed to protect you from the expenses of repairs associated with unanticipated or unexpected failure of a covered part and / or component as a result of a mechanical /electrical breakdown.

Enjoy easy claims Process, Convenience and peace-of-mind. Coverage is available for both New and used cars. We offer 5 years unlimited, 7 years unlimited and life time extended warranty.

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