Nissan Customer Service Excellence

Nobody knows your Nissan Vehicle than we do. And No one is better equipped to service them than we are. So you never have to risk yours and your Family's Safety by compromising the Quality of Service on your Nissan.

Reliability with a Smile

  • Service Advisors who will spend time with you to understand the issues on your car, with a smile.
  • Experienced technicians with the latest diagnostic tools and up-to-the-minute repair techniques to fix your vehicle the first time around.
  • We use the same high-quality Nissan Genuine Parts, Oils and Lubricants that came with your Nissan when you first bought it.

Nissan Customer Service Excellence

Our service interval of 10,000 Km. or 6 Months (whichever comes first), is a proof of superior reliability and quality of our vehicles.

But Quality does not end there. As a brand we are committed to the smallest details and we set to raise the Customer Experience excellence standards even further with state-of-the art Processes and Quality Standards.

Service Advisor

We Advice - You Decide:

Every time you take your Nissan for a Service, you will be greeted by a Trained Service Advisor with a smile who will check your car in 15 minutes and then advise you the services required honestly & fairly.

Together you can discuss the details and cost of these repairs and in the end the decision is yours.All Nissan Vehicles are subjected to a detailed inspection checklist to ensure safety and functionality of all major components. The smallest deficiencies are identified and can be corrected before they become bigger issues and lead to accidents.

We only use Nissan Genuine Parts® & Accessories® for uncompromising Safety, functionality, accuracy of fit and value retention.

Express Services

For your Minor Services, we have an Express Service available at all Nissan Service Centers®.

The Express Service provides maximum peace of mind as you can get your car serviced in less than an hour and still be at peace. Please arrange an appointment with your nearest Nissan Service Centers.

Periodic Maintenance

Your Nissan Vehicle sold after 1st Dec. 2015 comes with a Service Interval of 10,000 Kms or 6 Months (whichever comes first).

This proves our confidence in our Vehicles and the Superior Quality and reliability of all our cars.

But considering your own driving habits, local conditions which are harsh considering the Weather, Heat and the frequent High-Speed Braking in the region, you should take your Nissan for a Check Up in accordance to the "Periodic Maintenance Schedule" in the Owner's Manual.

Al Masaood Body and Paint Services

Unfortunate as it is, Body Damage can happen to your car.

But when it has to be repaired we do not take any chances inside or out.

Our Nissan Service Centers will help you remove any Damage on your Car's Body or Paintwork strictly as per the Nissan Service Quality Standards.

We have the Special Tools that match your Nissan Car exactly and we do not experiment! We believe in getting it right the first time.

Our professional paintwork care service keeps your car looking good for longer and provides optimum protection. Regular deep polishing and professional preservation will maintain the original shine for many years.

Nissan Genuine Parts ®, Genuine Value and Genuine Safety

Your Nissan deserves the best Spare Parts and Accessories and the long-term reliability, safety and quality justifies the cost of buying the very best for your Nissan Car.

The development of Nissan Genuine Parts ® and Accessories continuously evolves so they are optimally configured for each model. Across the range, the quality and utility is proven to give you the most optimum reliability from your Nissan.

So you can be assured that when your car is in for service, maintenance or repair, not only is it in the safe hands of experts who have genuine knowledge of everything that has to do with your car – you can count on lasting quality and a perfect fit every time.

Why Nissan Genuine Parts® and Accessories

  • Maximum Safety and Reliability
  • Tested for best accuracy of fit
  • Available at a Competitive Price
  • Covered for Warranty

Nissan New Vehicle Warranty

To secure the customer's peace of mind and an exciting owning experience of Nissan vehicles, Nissan will guarantee the vehicle operation under certain conditions. We would like to inform you of a brief explanation of the NEW VEHICLE WARRANTY here to provide you with an idea of each customer's benefits. However, for details we would like to ask your confirmation in the Warranty booklet provided to each customer with the vehicle delivery.

Warranty Period

The period for the New Vehicle Warranty is the following designated period of time or specified mileage, starting from the date that the vehicle is first registered or put into service whichever comes first.

PERIOD: 3 years

MILEAGE: 100,000 km

For details please refer to the "New Vehicle Warranty Period" section in the Warranty booklet.